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Jenday Conure

Ideal for children 14 & up Smart & easily trained Can be noisy Lives 20 to 30 years Note: Pet availability is seasonal. State and local regulations may vary. Pricing may vary by store location. PetSmart stores cannot match the price below for this pet. Ask a store associate for details.
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Reviews for Jenday Conure
Review 1 for Jenday Conure
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5 3 reviews

Great Birds

July 19, 2012
by BillyJo
fromTennessee, TN
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I love my jenday he is so great. These birds require so time and love to cuddle. Mine likes his picture took. They learn very quick. If you want a conure that love to cuddle then you want a jenday.If you want one that like to show off a lot then you want a sun.If you want one that a bit more timid and shy try a green cheek. My jenday blaze is NOT messy at all. Very friendly they are not one person bird unless they are never around other people alot when thier younger. I would recommend these birds to anyone. They are well worth the money.
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Review 2 for Jenday Conure
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5 3 reviews

Very fun birds!

August 29, 2011
by DoctorWho
fromBuffalo, Ny
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I have had my bird Robbie Rotten for over 6 years He is very loyal. The only con to this bird is they are a one person bird. They are often (not always) not social to a large amount of people. Jenday conures love one person and will usually be the most cuddly and listen to that person the most. Mine loves me, but doesn't like when anyone else in my family comes near me. He will shriek!
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Review 3 for Jenday Conure
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5 3 reviews

Jasper My Conure

May 6, 2010
by Seashimmer
fromFriendswood, Texas
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I got this bird as a surprise! Its a lovely bird with bright colors and very distinctive features. The eyes are white with a black coating around it. Beware this bird requires a lot of attention and is very loud. He does not like to be in its cage. Preferably out about. I let Jasper out and he follows me around the house and goes up and down the stairs. He does not talk but will listen to you and shake its head. They are very smart animals and love to be cuddled to. They love music and he will just sit in front of my computer when I have music on. Its a joy to have him. They are quite messy as well in terms of cage environment. I clean the cage daily. Since I got this bird when he was a little bit older its not trained.He loves to eat apples and prefers then over his bird food. He is a joy to be with and I look forward to having him around for many long years.
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