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Mardel(r) Maracyn-Two(r)

Antibiotic for controlling gram negative internal and external bacterial infections.
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Overall rating 
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1 / 5 1 review


January 29, 2014
by lbeck
fromPekin, IL
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Made the mistake of putting this stuff in my 7 month old 20 gallon, because one of my betta's fins were clamped and looking raggedy. I also used Maracyn One in conjunction.
"Maracyn-Two may cloud the water but will not interfere with the biological filter." It most certainly does affect your good bio, as in destroys it. My nitrates went from 15 to 0 by the end of treatment, and it remains zero now, even though ammonia has crept up in the last two days. Still no signs of nitrites or nitrates, despite seeding good bacteria in the water after treatment.
"New activated carbon or charcoal and a 25% water change removes any cloudiness resulting from treatment." I've put fresh and rinsed activated charcoal in both my filters and a 50% water change, and it was still cloudy for days. After another 50% change, it let up, but I'm still seeing fizzing and bubbles from medicine after a full week since its use.
"Use of a hospital tank is recommended." How about a must? It kills your beneficial bacteria. The things is I even under dosed, using a packet and a half instead of two, and still it did harm.
Never put antibiotics in your cycled tank! I should have known better, but I trusted the products claim that if used correctly it will not affect good bio.
And for all that, my fish didn't get better or worse. It didn't seem to help my fish, it killed my established tank, and the worse part is I can't seem to get rid of it all! After so many changes I still see traces of it and my tank has yet to show signs of the nitrogen cycle, despite seeding. FAIL.
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