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Customer reviews for The Majestic Pet 43" Bungalow Cat Tree

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The Majestic Pet 43" Bungalow Cat Tree

Size: 43" x 32" x 24" Walk Through Brush Sisal Wrapped Post Wood & Faux Sheepskin Covering Climbing Ladder Bulstered Perch Easy Assembly
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Reviews for The Majestic Pet 43" Bungalow Cat Tree
Review 1 for The Majestic Pet 43" Bungalow Cat Tree
Overall rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5 2 reviews

You better know how to DIY!

December 7, 2012
by bclp
fromSaint Petersburg, Florida
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First, the 'step by step instructions' were not only NOT step by step, but not even instructions. It consisted of the diagrams of what parts and hardware were included in the box, thats it. You have to figure out yourself where to put what screws, etc.
I was doing ok until I discovered there were no holes drilled to attatch the ladder. Luckily I have a friend that has a drill and he had to stop what he was doing to come over and DIY the attatchment of the ladder. There were also no holes in the carpet to get to the holes to attatch the part that goes on the base. I had to use a knife to poke holes so the screw holes would be exposed.
Ditto the other review about the top of the 'house'. It was unattatched and had a dozen sharp parts exposed that were supposed to attatch the top of the house. So now we're DIY the top of the house with our own hardware to secure it. 'Assembly in minutes'-that is a joke. I also had 2 screws left over.
After finally getting it put together, it turns out the base to the house is not sturdy at all. I'm going to have to get a piece of wood to make it more secure.
All in all it should be useable because I have a small cat, but I'm not too confident.
The company really needs to include proper instructions and pay more attention to the quality of the details pertaining to the screw holes. Nobody should have to rely on their own or a friend's hardware and tools to put the product together properly.
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Review 2 for The Majestic Pet 43" Bungalow Cat Tree
Overall rating 
4 / 5
4 / 5 2 reviews

Pleasantly surprised!

December 3, 2012
by MrSpankysMom
fromWashington, DC
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1. Instructions are incredibly obtuse. There are no words but diagrams showing you the intended finished product; not which bolt / screw to use, which hole to bolt, which pole to use. Like an Ikea catalog, there is an "included hardware" diagram, but he winner who made the manual made sure that the hardware size was NOT relative to each other, so you have to infer from number and general shape of what you have, but not necessarily which piece / hole it belongs to. Essentially, you have to figure it out through trial and error. I have two leftover bolts I have no idea what they're for. Hopefully my bungalow will not collapse while my kitty is in it. :)
2. Not the most stable thing ever. Because the "house" shaped perch is asymmetrical, it wobbles slightly when my cat is on it. Also, I saw a gap in the "roof" portion of the cat hut and I wondered if it was a hatch or something so I gently lifted and the roof and it came right off- not a hatch, it was just shoddily stapled with about 6 staples. Now I have a DIY "hatch" with sharp pointy staple bits on both sides.
Now, the moment of truth. My 2 year old ginger cat is 14lbs on the larger end of cats- not fat, but very long. I was worried that the hut and tubes would be way too small for him once I saw the thing assembled and he wouldn't use it. Curled up, he is essentially the size of the hut and if he were to use the tube, half of his body will be hanging out if not more. He's a very curious and flexible cat, but we were worried that he would not get into the hut, rendering the cat tree a glorified cat bed if he only used the perch. Miraculously, the "if it fits i sits" theory applies to my cat, and he is currently sleeping in the hut (or bungalow).
Fully stretched, my cat is the height of this bungalow so it is less than a challenge for my cat to retrieve treats and toys from the tree. I throw a few bells and fuzz balls in there and he just peers right in and swats it out. Because my cat is so long, he has no use for the "stairs" and has not even laid a paw on it, opting to rather just jump right onto the perch. I don't really see him scratching it either, probably out of inconvenience (he likes scratching and climbing a rope-covered support beam in our basement)
I would say this tree is more fit for petite cats if you expect them to hop from perch to perch, however it is not a complete loss for larger cats and he looks very adorable in it.
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