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Male Robo Dwarf Hamster

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Review 1 for Male Robo Dwarf Hamster
Overall rating 
3 / 5
3 / 5 6 reviews

Two completely different experiences

December 9, 2014
by poptarts
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The first robo dwarf I had was very personable and a lot of fun to watch. He was not the prototypical robo. He didn't run in his wheel for very long, he did a happy dance when his name was called or he knew a treat was coming. He didn't have set hours where he was active or inactive. I loved watching and playing with him. The second robo that I got after the first one passed is the complete opposite. He runs and runs for about 10 hours straight in his wheel, then he goes to sleep for a looong time. He seems to be active only after 10pm at night. No happy dances for treats or when his name is called. He's more of the prototypical robo, not too much personality and is not nearly as much fun to watch as the first one. Ultimately, I'd say your experience with the robo will totally depend upon the personality of the one you get and there's no saying one way or the other whether you will get one that does nothing but run, sleep and eat or if you get one that is just happy to see you and will do dances when he hears his name.
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Review 2 for Male Robo Dwarf Hamster
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3 / 5
3 / 5 6 reviews

Great pet, but a lot of work!

July 12, 2014
by DwarfHamster14
I have a dwarf hamster, and I love him! They are great pets, but I did find some things disappointing.
I read reviews about these hamsters, and people said they train their hamsters so that they can hold and pet them. I tried this a few days ago, and he nipped my finger. I didn't do anything to scare him..
I was disappointed because I really wanted to be able to hold him.
I was also reading reviews on how to clean the hamster's cage. People say they spot clean the bedding every day, and do a complete empty and cleaning once a week, and it doesn't smell. This is not true! I completely empty and clean out my hamster's cage every day, and it still smells.
My robo loves to run in his wheel at night, and he loves to climb in and out of it! It's fun to watch, but he only comes to life after 9pm. I don't have much time to watch him before bed. During the day he mostly sleeps, once in awhile waking up to eat something or clean himself. He loves to hide in his hiding place, which I also don't like because I'd rather he'd come out and play, or at least sleep somewhere where I can look at him.
Another problem I have is finding the right bedding. The kind we bought, "All Living Things Small Animal Paper Pet Bedding" hasn't worked at all. It's a grey color, which I personally don't like, and it's not very soft. Another big problem is.. My hamster eats the bedding! I don't know how to stop him from eating it. There's food in his bowl at all times, but he still eats the bedding. I even have a cardboard maze for him to chew on, but that doesn't stop him either.
These are the problems I have, and may vary depending on the brands of products you use, or the individual hamster. These are things to consider, however, before you purchase a hamster. I hope this review helps.....
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Review 3 for Male Robo Dwarf Hamster
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June 28, 2014
by haileyhamster
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i love my little Snickerdoodle! i got him yesterday. when i brought him home my 19 year old sister said she can put him in his cage , well he escaped! we spent 2 hours trying to get him out from under my dads bed. but we got him safely in his cage. be warned these hamsters are very fast. but they are so very lovable. snickerdoodle's middle name is Darwin. he is adorable!
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Review 4 for Male Robo Dwarf Hamster
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Best pet I've ever had

June 9, 2014
by Hammy70
fromAsheville, NC
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I've had my robo dwarf hammy, Oliver, since January and he is the sweetest little thing. He cuddles, yes, cuddles. I even taught him to give kisses. They definitely require energy outlets (aka wheel, daily ball time, etc) but mine is friendly, has never bitten and is super low maintenance. He doesn't get along well with other rodents which is apparently common for robos. But I definitely recommend them for anyone who wants a little furry friend!
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Review 5 for Male Robo Dwarf Hamster
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love my sweet boy!

May 28, 2014
by hammylover1423
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My Robo hamster is so sweet! He never bites and loves to be held. I named him Olaf from Frozen because he looks like a snow ball! he loves sunflower seeds and fresh carrots. he also loves running in his wheel we got him a silent one because the other ones squeak ALOT. I LOVE MY OLAF!!!
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Review 6 for Male Robo Dwarf Hamster
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5 / 5
5 / 5 6 reviews

I brought a Robo Dwarf for my 4 yrs old daughter

March 31, 2014
by Sabrina41978
fromPalm Coast Fl
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This Robo Dwarf hamster is the cutest little thing very active but can get nerves very fast and moves very fast but love this hamster
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