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Asian Forest Scorpion

The Asian Forest Scorpion is more aggressive than the emperor scorpion. They can be kept in groups, but it is not recommended due to their aggressive nature. They will assume a defensive posture more easily and are more likely to protect themselves with their pincers. The venom from an Asian forest scorpion's sting is mild. They are a very common scorpion kept as a pet.
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Its a awesome pet

February 18, 2014
by Pranco
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you see i loved animals and i always loved animals since i was 4.and im very smart in animals.
so that means the asian forest scorpion is the one of the largest sccorpion in the world.
i got one because its very cool.
and it is very calm actualy.
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December 21, 2013
by coolpets
I just bought an Asian Forest Scorpion, and so far, so good. It is surprisingly calm, and eats well. It is a fairly easy pet, although I do not recommend this pet if you are easily creeped out.
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