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EHEIM Aquastyle Aquariums

The EHEIM aquastyle creates a little piece of nature in any room. Wheter in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway on the deck top or as an eye-catcher in the living room. The aquarium comes with everything needed to start it right in the box. The compact corner filter is virtually silent and comes with the filter cartridge and SubStrat Pro. Also available: matching 40" stand in black or white.
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A gem

December 25, 2012
by Samdog
fromSuburban Chicago
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Typical of Eheim, this is a premium product, beautifully designed and well made, but expensive. The rimless design, curved front corners and integrated light/filter unit give it an air of elegance. Even the cover is classy. And it is one of the few nano aquariums on the market where freshwater use isn't an afterthought.
I much prefer glass to acrylic, and Eheim uses high grade glass that makes the illuminated cube look like crystal.
I have the 9 gallon version, and was a little concerned that the light and filter might be lacking, as they are the same as used on the smaller Aquastyle tanks. No need.
The silent filter moves more than enough water to give my fish a current to swim against. The media chamber is smaller than I'd prefer (I use Eheim canisters on all my other tanks, usually two on each), but it's much better than the ones on most competitive tanks in this category or in typical hang on filters. You are not stuck with proprietary cartridges. It accepts any medium you choose to use, charcoal, resins, biological, etc, although the supplied Substrat is hard to beat for long term use.
The light is excellent. It has an ideal spectrum for freshwater plant growth, and displays fish colors to full advantage. I have switched to LEDs on my six largest tanks, and use about 1.5 watts per gallon on each. So I was not sure I'd be happy with only half that intensity on my new tank. I was steeled for the prospect of having to add a second light. After setting it up, I doubt that will be necessary. Visually, it looks at least as bright as any of my other tanks. LEDs vary greatly in lumens per watt, and these are clearly at the upper end of that scale.
I have some hornwort which had been chewed to the nubbins by my Siamese Algae Eaters. I had placed it in a 5 gal holding tank where it languished under a new 10 watt aquarium CFL. I added some to my new Aquastyle as a filler and, literally overnight, it started to grow again. My marimo moss ball looks much healthier than under the old light, too.
A heater cord fits easily under the glass cover, lifting it ever so slightly in back. Airline tubing might be more of an issue, but not an unsolvable one.
My only complaint -- if you can call it that -- is pretty trivial. The clips that hold the cover could be a little thicker, equal to a typical electric cord, and the lip that prevents the lid from sliding should be a bit longer. Plus, they slide off the cover too easily, increasing the likelihood that they will get lost (and probably will be next to impossible to replace).
Altogether, I'm thoroughly delighted with this little gem. Highly recommended.
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